Sandra Lobaina LM,CPM,IBCLC, 
Founder & Owner

A Licensed Midwife and Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Mother to two amazing rambunctious boys who inspire her every day. Sandra attended school at the International School of Midwifery in which she completed January 2010. She has been helping mothers for over 16 years and has attended over  1200 births in which she observed, coached, assisted or managed the deliveries. Her passion as a birth worker has empowered her to push through many obstacles. Early in her career, Sandra worked at the Miami-Dade County WIC & Nutrition program, where she gave one on one support to mothers and their new babies. It has always been an important mission to understand cultural diversities in breastfeeding and why it can negatively impact mothers in her community.

Being a  Hispanic minority she is passionate about educating and assisting communities who experience cultural boundaries and stigmas.   Every year she contributes and hosts The BIG Latch On in Miami alongside WIC & Healthy Start Coalition of Miami-Dade County for World Breastfeeding awareness. She is the Co-founder of Natural Birthworks Birthing Center (Broward County's Newest Birth Center) where she provides Midwifery services and is one of the lead Midwifery providers.  Sandra teaches childbirth education in English and Spanish, holds breastfeeding support groups, provides in office, at home or virtual lactation consultations and also hosts breastfeeding and pumping classes.  Her mission and passion is  to provide support, education and encouragement to all families. 

Sandy helped me feel comfortable and confident during breastfeeding. She even helped me with any questions I had even after 6 weeks postpartum. I really appreciated that so much!


Favorite things Sandy told me;
Take the baby's lead. Enjoy the present moment.


Sandy is the most amazing Midwife ever. Best advice for healing mentally and physically.


I'm so grateful to have had Sandy as my Midwife for both of my boys. We consider her family now.


Thank you for making such a difference in my postpartum recovery!