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Breastfeeding Educator & Counselor Course
3 Day Workshop  

June 6-8 2024 in Miramar FL

10:30 am- 5:30 pm

Price $1200
(Taxes and Fees applied at checkout)

Breastfeeding Counselor & Educator Course 20 Clock Hours: 

This workshop offers the following CERPs

L-CERP:16.0 E-CERP: 1.0 R-CERP: 0.50

Learning objectives are jointly identified through standards set by IBLCE mission and values for professionals and My Mom Glow Midwifery & Lactation Curriculum. This course is an in-depth study of the anatomy and physiology of the function of the breast during lactation.

Topics Include:

  • Skills enabling the student to accurately evaluate a baby at¬† the breast
  • Identify and implement solutions to common breastfeeding problems, complications or concerns
  • Offer effective breastfeeding education, support and resources for¬† clients
  • Understanding the role of lactation specialists in the community.¬†
  • Scenarios & role playing¬†
  • Case studies and evidence based research discussions
  • ¬†Characteristics of healthy newborn appearance, behaviors and breastfeeding patterns¬†
  • Understanding complications, how to address and when to refer
  • All about Pumps & Pumping

Final Exam with a minimum of 75% passing grade. Certificate of completion sent following the workshop. 


Coming Soon!

LC Fundamentals to Running a Private Practice  
Online Workshop  

Price TBD 

Topics Include:

  • What is a private practice?
  • Is private practice what I really want?
  • Establishing long term goals.
  • Recognize the ethical, legal, and financial responsibilities involved in starting a private practice
  • How to get started: Step by step process on establishing your business; including documentation, licensing & certification requirements, website & social media building
  • Guide to networking and building relationships in the community
  • Marketing 101 by a Professional Online¬† Advertising Specialist¬†
  • Shadowing and learning from different professionals
  • Booking clients: Including Pricing for services, screening, necessary supplies
  • In home consultation ethics
  • Follow up & continuity of care
  • Scheduling and setting boundaries to prevent burn out

Professional Mentorship Program 

Offering one on one guidance for professional development.

Establishing Business essentials & creating a business plan

Setting up a private practice

 Personal attention to your individual situation

Guidance on billing, super bills and  communication with insurance companies

Proper record keeping and charting

Scheduling, networking & more!

Reach out and schedule a free phone consultation to discuss if this is the right program for you!