National Midwifery Week

#midwife #midwifery #midwiferycare #supportbirth #supportbirthingpeople #supportmidwives Oct 09, 2021

National Midwifery Week ends today and I have to just say that it’s been such an amazing & challenging journey being a Midwife. To be part of one of the oldest professions and continue the traditions that so many before me fought or died for is an incredible honor. We still fight today to protect pregnancy, birthing people and the right to choose how and where to birth. We selflessly continue to dedicate ourselves to our mommas & babies. We support and respect that every birth is different and unique in it's own way. We understand that every birthing person deserves an opportunity to labor and birth naturally even if they've been told they couldn't do it. When mothers are denied care or left with no options, Midwives are the ones who try to find ways to help, educate and empower them so that they know and understand there rights and feel they have a voice to advocate for them. We dedicate our lives to Midwifery knowing that we may miss important celebrations, birthdays and events. We've excepted the fact that sometimes the only families we see and spend time with are the ones we serve. Our families have sacrificed being available in the middle of the night so that we can run off to a birth, taking on roles that we would normally have so that we can be with our clients sometimes for days and accepting the fact that we will have weeks where they only saw us for a few minutes. Being a Midwife is not just a job or profession, it's a lifestyle and dedication to the love and passions we have for Midwifery care. So the next time you see a Midwife and tell her how cool her job is, remember that its so much more then what the movies and shows like to glamorize it to be.