Nurse in at Aventura Mall! Spreading awareness on normalizing breastfeeding wherever a mother chooses to nurse.

Aug 08, 2014

A breastfeeding mommy was asked to cover up or leave and security was called at Aventura Mall because she was nursing her baby. This event was to support her and all mothers who choose to nurse in public. It was also to educate them on the law that protects nursing mothers in Florida. Thanks to all of the dedication from the mommies,grandmas,dads and supporters for making the Nurse in a success! I feel the message was loud and clear and i'm so glad everyone came together for this great cause! We made headlines on NBC 6, Channel 10, Channel 4 and channel 7! We where also featured in the Miami Herald and some of the local radio stations where talking about the nurse in on the morning updates! I am so happy the event went smoothly and peacefully and that we received positive feedback all around.